My Mission

As a pole dancer (or pole dance enthusiast!), I know you can relate when I say that sometimes the online world,  in general, does not always embrace nor understand our love, passion and respect for all things pole related.  Even though the stereotypes are crumbling more and more every day I still think back a few years ago to when my dear, sweet, kind pole dance friend no longer had room in her house for her pole. As we all know a good quality pole is not cheap by any means so she decided she would try to sell it.

But where on earth do you sell a used dance pole? She decided to list her pole on a local Facebook FOR SALE page. I can remember seeing her post come across my news feed and thinking “Oh good! She got it listed!”.  And then… a couple hours later… her post popped up again in my news feed. This time it had 16+ comments. Again, I thought “Oh good! She’s got a lot of people interested in her pole!”.   So I clicked on the comments to confirm my happy thoughts and to my horror, my happy thoughts were crushed, as I realized she was in the middle of a heated and stereotypical debate!  Some online trolls (that’s the only somewhat nice word I can think of to describe these people) had commented on her post with very rude remarks regarding the sale of her “stripper” pole.   I couldn’t believe it. I was so heart broken for my friend but in her defense, she totally stood strong and kept her cool.

That is when I decided that there NEEDS to be a “safe place”, a community, a no judgement zone where we can come together to post our pole related items that we no longer use or are ready to trade in for something new!   Buy or sell, new or used… whatever your heart desires. Think of it as a Craigslist for pole dancers… only minus the creepers and the people that just… don’t… get it!  Pole lovers only. We’ll just keep it our little secret. Tucked away from the stereotypical eyes of the remainder of the online world.   Plus, I will be the admin and I’m super good at troll patrol 🙂

Sincerely yours,