Featured Artist – Jackie Carlson

When and what inspired you to start pole dancing?
Ok, this sounds silly, but I thought it would be easy! I’ve never, until pole, been interested in exercise classes.  Pole was the first exercise class I didn’t blow off or lose interest in.  I was hooked from day one.  

Do you practice/train at home or at a studio?
I train at home.  I am largely self taught, however, I did have the big boost of being involved with a small pole studio in Klamath Falls, Oregon for the first two years of my pole journey.  I’ve lived in two different towns since then, neither has had a studio.  


Have you ever competed?
I have competed twice.  I did the Pacific Pole Championships in 2015 and 2016.  My 2015 performance was a dream materialized. I did not have the same experience in 2016. I completely over trained and my routine never got any easier. So, I’ve told myself I need a pretty solid outline of a routine BEFORE I sign up again. When I’m stressed I train or just work out, and not having a solid game plan with a deadline looming stressed me out. It was a vicious cycle, I over thought everything as well. Thus my new rule for myself.  

What type/size of pole do you use and why?
I mostly use 45’s but that’s where the similarity ends. I own 6 poles and they are in various finishes, diameters, and brands.  My favorite pole, however, is my tension old school platinum stages stainless steel 45. My first pole teacher gifted it to me when I moved away from Klamath Falls. Not only is there a sentimental attachment, but she spins like a dream. She’s my Ferrari because she doesn’t take much gas at all to get her to speed and she spins FOREVER. ❤

What has been your biggest challenge in pole dancing  and how did you overcome it?
I’ve been doing this for over seven years and there have been lots of challenges. My greatest challenge, when having my personal studio in the attic of the house I moved out of this past summer, was not overtraining. I am kinda addicted to spin pole and it tears me up. Also, as I got into my forties, I needed more rest time but didn’t listen to my body. I don’t suggest it as now I really have to space my practices out.  

Who is/are your pole dance idol(s)?
My first idol was Zoraya Judd. I was blown away by her sheer power and those costumes wow 😍😍😍 I also loved Pantera and was able to attend a few of her workshops. Pantera really knows her stuff. I didn’t know what I didn’t know then but I really appreciate her knowledge as a teacher with students now.  My current idol is Danette Elizabeth or Polemommy on IG.  Her flow is out of this world. I really believe a lot of dance is about the transition and her transitions are like calligraphy in a world of block lettering. Her dances stand out beautifully.  

What is currently your favorite trick?
Any sort of brass monkey grip.  My go to for the longest time was the old school favorite superman but having my silicone pole up has encouraged me to learn to chain movements without it, lol.  


What trick are you currently trying to master?
Ayesha. I have Ayesha, but sometimes she has me. Any sort of inverted balance like Ayesha is in the same boat. I have spent years trying to perfect her and feel comfy in her. I’d be lying if I said she was always comfy. Some days she blesses me, some days she shuts me down.

Do you have any advice for newbies?
Use proper form and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. ❤ I know it sounds cliche, but pole is a journey and not everyone takes the same trails or travels at the same speed. That’s the way it is supposed to be. Any other way is counterproductive to your progress.

What are you pole dancing MUST HAVES?  My favorite ever top is my Dirdy Birdy MEOW top.  Makes me feel bad ass on the pole and in general life. I wear it maybe too much, I don’t even have to be poling to wear it.  I also love Vekker gear. But my most important MUST HAVE when I pole is belief in myself and a connection to the music. I must ride that flow. There’s nothing like it.

Do you have a funny pole dance story to tell us about? 
Yep.  As a newb I asked Pantera to show me how to do an Iron X.  Holy crap what was I thinking.  😂😂😂😂 I definitely did not know what I didn’t know.  

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