FAQs & Tips

Tips for all classifieds posts…

  1.  Keep it simple and clear as possible. The more information you include in your post, the fewer questions you will have to answer.  If a picture would explain it better, then include one, or link to a URL for more information.
  2.   Spellcheck your text before posting it.
  3.   If you need to use more than one paragraph, use the first paragraph as a short, sharp overview covering all the main points, then go into detail in later paragraphs.
  4.   Search the categories for other, similar ads, and learn from their techniques.
  5.   Post in the right category. If you’re not sure which is the right one, find out before posting!
  6.   After you have got the result you want from the ad, consider going back and editing/removing the ad to avoid getting further IMs.
  7.   Give some indication of how much you charge or are willing to pay.
  8.   If unsure about your ad, make it a little vague, and ask the people who contact you what they thought of it. You can get valuable feedback this     way. For example, if you’re not sure of your pricing, then give a estimate with some leeway.

Do I have to register?

You only have to register if you wish to place an ad. You can browse and respond to the ads without registering.

How do I place an ad?

Click on the POST AN AD button inside the header.

Will other users be able to see my personal information?

No. The information that you provide during registration does not show up on your ads. However, you can have your general location, email and/or website information appear if you enter that information when you place your actual ad.


What is a Featured Ad?

Featured ads are highlighted on the main classifieds page and always appear that the top of the ad listings, both in the “Browse All” listing and the individual categories. Those who choose to feature their ad get the benefit of having their ad must more visible among the many other ads posted. Featured ads are $5 for five days or $3 for 3 days.

How do I pay for an ad?

When you fill out your ad form, if you are in a paid section, the form will tell you how much your ad costs. It will also offer you the chance to upgrade your ad if you want it to appear in a “featured” position. Once you’ve made your selections, you will be able to select if you want to pay by check or credit card.

If you chose to pay by credit card, the site will forward you to PayPal. Their secure servers will allow you to pay for your ad without the fear of your information being stolen. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay through them. Once you’ve paid, your ad will be approved and will start appearing on the site.

We only accept payments online.


My ad was approved but I don’t see it. What gives?

Sometimes browsers will cache a web page and hitting “refresh” doesn’t always work to truly refresh the page. Try a “Ctrl+Shift+R” to force a full refresh. 99% of the time, that fixes the issue and shows that your ad is, indeed, posted.